This is Nuch's first sport bike, a 2006 Kawasaki ZZR600!

Here we go--customization time!
The rear fender and those wing style taillights have got to go. This is a fairly involved customization that requires a few specialty tools, some intermediate level skill and a lot of patience. The first order of business is disassembling the entire tail of the bike and to see where we need to make our cuts to fit the fiberglass undertail. Take your time, make small cuts and refit between each cut. After about two hours of trial fitting, cutting and adjusting the tail fitment is good. I had to fabricate two side brackets (used 1/8 plastic stock) and as you can see here I am in the process of fabricating a rear bracket to support the back of the tail.

The rear bracket has to snake around the taillight assembly and threw the oval hole in the undertail. The bracket required some compound bends and had to be fabricated in two separate sections to bolt around the taillight and through the undertail and a third section that was welded in place to bolt the upper bracket too. I mocked up the top Bracket and used cardboard to build a template for the more complex piece. After a lot of fitting, bending and messaging with a variety of hammers and dolly’s, welding and grinding the bracket is now complete. Note the small swatch of rubber I glued into the bottom bracket. This is to protected the painted undertail so that vibration between this steel bracket and the tail doesn't sand through the fiberglass.

Here is the finished product complete with integrated brake and turn signals in a smoke screened L.E.D. package.