Every kid of my era remembers Smokey and the Bandit and I’ve longed for one ever since. This one is a jewel of a bandit car. She’s a year newer than the bandit’s and has the larger, Fisher Guide, T-Tops which I like much better than the earlier Hurst units. The owner is a retired GM Forman who kept this car in immaculate condition for 22 years, logging less than three thousand miles on it. The 6.6 was rebuilt a couple years back—not even broken in yet—and he did a number of custom touches to earn car show wins. Fortunately, he kept the factory items which I started reinstalling before driving her back home: Indiana ~ Ohio ~ West Virginia ~ Virginia ~ North Carolina ~ South Carolina ~ Georgia ~ Florida. It was an absolutely fantastic 24-hour voyage. I must have driven three states before getting that song out of my head, “East bound and down, loaded up and truckin’…”

These first two shots are of the full custom look she wore the day I bought her. He did amazing work, grafting in this Ford Thunderbird hood piece.

The picture on the right is her factory color combination which we’ll likely return too someday.

A few hours later and I had the original shaker hood back on and lined up. The next evening we swapped out that customer orange on white center console for a solid black unit.

On that following Sunday, Father’s Day, Randy and Debbie Harmon took the T/A to their Churches Annual Farmland Friends Church Father's Day Cruise-In/Car Show.

The rest of the pictures we took that weeking are coming soon...