Back to where it all began! My first car was a 1972 Chevelle and I’ve wanted another ever since.

This one was built in Van Nuys, California and spent its life between California and Texas (El Paso) where I bought it in February of 2019. Since that time she’s undergone a major “Pro Touring” conversion in preparation for this year's Hot Rod Power Tour (June 6-14, 2019).

These photos are of it now!

The following picts are in decending order from May 1, 2019 to February 28, 2019. This was amongst my quickest and most expensive builds.

Completely tearing it down and sanding to the base proved this desert car not only had zero rust but zero body repairs as well.

Assembly Day!

It’s taken many months to spec the drivetrain and round up the parts, so let’s get crackin’! Day 1 of assembly was slow and arduous as it took several hours to work out the tight machining on those main caps. After hours of assembly, measurements, disassembly, bearing swaps, etc. we finally have a crankshaft in the Dart SHP block. This is a purpose manufactured 400 SBC block we’ve bored and stroked to give us 427 cu. In. of fury!

The plan is a 600hp NA with a 250hp nx kicker so a rearend capable of 800+ left little decision room--enter the Ford 9 Inch Diff!

Losing the mix-matched white/black and going traditional black with some updated goodies like bolstered seats and red oak wheel. Oh, and check out the SS Shifter setup for a 4-Speed Automatic!

Anyone who’s ever driven an old muscle car can attest, handling is so bad it borders dangerous. The entire suspension was discarded and replaced with a custom pro-touring design.

After upgrading the drums to discs we still had a horribly designed parking brake cable setup so a Wilwood Universal Parking Brake Cable Kit was used to reroute the old tech A-Body cables into a very nice and neat pair connecting to the E-Brake Pedal by means of the plate and rig fabbed up late one evening.

Maximum tire contact is the game so we're fitting the biggest possible wheel/tire combo without rubbing. Rears are 18x10 wrapped in 305/45-18 Drag Radials and the fronts are 18x8 wrapped in 255/45-18 Extrememe Sport Radials.

The first attempt to drive resulted in several stalls due to faulty wiring, so the better part of a day was spent rewiring the doghouse.

Here she is in El Paso Texas; an abandoned project just waiting to be resurrected.

Other sections coming soon…
  • New Interior
  • Automatic Overdrive Transmission (Monster Transmissions 700R4
  • Massively Stroked Small Block Chevy (427)
  • Aluminum Wheels (18x10 & 18x8) & Soft Compound Tires (305's & 255's)